X-AGE Cream(30g)


Arovea Anti-Ageing Cream for Wrinkle Free and Brightening Face, Ideal for
Fine lines and Pigmentation – 30g



Arovea comes with different range of skin products for all skin types. Arovea
has done the detailed study on beauty products and has all sense related to
Beauty and we are concerned for your skin, so we came up with this Anti-
Ageing cream. It will bring youthful look to your appearance. This anti-
ageing cream is best for all people. It improves the skin in just days. This
cream brighten your face and gradually will remove all the pigmentation
from your skin. It can be used as morning cream or night cream, Weather
you have dry skin or oily skin or combination skin, it works well with all skin
types. Use this cream and see the difference by yourself, use for longer time
for better result.

  • This cream put sparkle in your face and recovering lost firmness and
  • It reduces dryness and increases the skin elasticity.
  • Easy to carry and comes in great paper packaging.
  • This cream is a mild cream and and hence is suited for all skin types.


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