Arovea Serum (Moroccan Argan Oil)(50ml)


Arovea Hair serum with Moroccan Argon oil for Strong, Shiny and Smooth
Hair, Perfect Serum for Healthy looking hair and Frizz control, Ideal for all hair
types – 50ml

  • Arovea Hair serum gives texture to your fizzy and dry hair.
  • It protects your hair from Pollutions, Dirt and Sun rays.
  • This serum is perfect for making your hair healthy and good looking.
  • Apply before styling your hair to protect from Heat.
  • Get rid of your tangled hair with this serum.


Are you looking for best Hair serum? Then this is perfect serum for your hair.
Arovea comes with different range of skin products for all skin types. Arovea
has done the detailed study on beauty products and has all sense related to
Beauty and we are concerned for your Hair, so we came up with this Hair
Serum. This is best serum to make your Hair healthy looking and shiny. It has
all the best ingredients for serum. This serum is unisex, It is made for women
and men both. It comes with easy packaging and can be carried anywhere
without fear of leaking. It will give the salon finish hair at home, use every time
when you shampoo your hair. Also use this before you do your hair styling to
protect it from Heat. Just some drops after shower for your all day shiny hair,
and you're ready to go with your salon finish hair at Home. This serum last for
days and gives shine to your hair all day long.


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