Arovea Saffron Soap(100gms)


Arovea Saffron Soap for Fair and Glowing Skin, with richness of Camphor,
With Almond Oil, With Olive, For Black Spot & Pigmentation, For Bright Skin,
Pack of 3, 150gm (1Pcs- 50gm)

  • Saffron moistens the skin to prevent dryness and itching thereby enhancing
    the texture.
  • It removes tanning, cures skin itching and detoxifies the skin. Leaves the
    skin refreshingly fragrant
  • Great fragrance, refreshing & rejuvenating and Skin-friendly
  • It perfectly works to cleanse the pores, dirt and, impurities.
  • Feel the luxurious skin that makes you feel more beautiful.


Enriched with multi mineral-rich content of saffron, this soap lightens and
evens your skin tone, while cleansing away pore deep impurities. It gently
fades away pigmentation marks and blemishes and grants you a fairer and
flawless complexion. Saffron is a medicinal herb that is very well known for its
soothing properties and tremendous uses. Saffron helps in deeply exfoliating
the pores giving you a cleansed, fresh and flawless skin.


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