Arovea Air Freshner(250ml)


Arovea Air Freshener with Lemon Fragrance, Refreshing Fragrance, For
Home and Office, 250ml

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We know, a lot of thought and affection goes into everything you fill your home
with. Just as you carefully choose its furnishings, textures and colors, you also
should choose the right mix of fragrances to express your home’s story. A
happy home is a healthy home, and it all begins with the air you and your
loved ones breathe.

  • Lemon Fragrance: Use this which will leave behind a smell of Sandal
  • Safe to use and free from any harmful chemicals
  • Use it in home , offices, car and it will eliminate any bad odor
  • Long lasting fragrance, that works with a simple push
  • Available in flavours – Lavender, Green tea, Lemon, Sandal


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