Late-night talk about colour. Stephen Westland, Huw Owens and Helen Disley talk about the technology, art and philosophy of color.

Late-night talk about colour. Stephen Westland, Huw Owens and Helen Disley talk about the technology, art and philosophy of color.

Does colour occur? Is black colored a color? Exactly exactly How colours that are many there? These questions … and many other.


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The color of Life

You’re going to be green with envy if you skip this podcast exactly about the colour green. Malachite ended up being among the earliest green pigments and an amazing supply ended up being the fantastic Orme in North Wales (the biggest prehistoric mine on the planet). Green can also be probably the most dangerous of colours. Scheele’s Green may have killed Napoleon even. The team additionally talk about the relationship of green because of the devil sufficient reason for Ireland. The usage color in films can also be discussed as well as the utilization of green into the Wizard of Oz is of specific interest. And are you aware that the Statue of Liberty had not been constantly green? You do now. But pay attention to the podcast for the story that is full.

The color of Sunshine

The Over The Rainbow group discuss the color yellow. Yellowish Ochre ended up being one of many earliest pigments utilized by mankind. Orpiment had been also widely found in antiquity despite it being predicated on arsenic being poisonous. Yellow has additionally always been a crucial color culturally. The Greeks – starting from Empedocles – thought that the globe contains four elements; each one of the elements ended up being related to a color. Yellowish ( or even a colour that is yellow-green had been related to planet; white with atmosphere, black colored with water and red with fire. This tetradic reasoning about 4 special tints proceeded through to the 14th or fifteenth Century; the notion of three unique tints is just an idea that is relatively recent. Yellow has become the least colour that is favourite invokes quite various responses in various individuals. It is, possibly, the marmite of tints.

The color of Trust

Steve, Helen and Huw let you know everything they find out about the color azure. Feeling blue? Then this podcast is simply for you personally. Early obviously occurring blue pigments had been tricky to find. Nevertheless, ultramarine had been a uncommon exception, created by grinding the mineral lapis lazuli. It had been the best & most expensive pigment that is blue had been frequently used symbolically to colour the robes of important individuals – for instance the Virgin Mary – in Renaissance paintings. But where did the expression experiencing blue result from? Probably the relationship began whenever individuals noticed that we would turn just a little blue in the facial skin whenever we could not breathe. The real history associated with the blue riband occasion is traced returning to Henry VIII as well as the purchase associated with the Holy Spirit therefore the knights due to their Cordon Bleu. The initial brand new blue pigment in 200 years – YInMn Blue – is talked about. Blue could very well be widely known color worldwide; is this that we like because it reminds of things? Blue is a relaxing colour than often helps us sleep; but at precisely the same time blue light will keep us awake during the night and disturb our rest. The definitions of blue are lots of program; however in the western it’s viewed as the color of trust.

The color of Love

The Over The Rainbow group start up the color of . series with red – along with of love. It had been one of many earliest naturally occurring colorants needless to say; red ochre. Red ochre ended up being utilized extensively in cave paintings 60,000 years back or higher. These ancient and incredible pieces of art stay due to the not enough light in these surroundings. This contrasts utilizing the statues of Ancient Greece and Rome that have been gaudily coloured at their period of dominant site creation but have faded throughout the years into the degree that lots of individuals mistakenly thought they certainly were made to be white! Cochineal ended up being another early colorant, made of the crushed systems of insects but utilized widely as a meals colorant (it is even nevertheless utilized today). Culturally red can indicate numerous things needless to say and some good reasons for these associations are talked about. The basis that is historical of term ‘red light district’ can also be explored. On stability, research appears to show that individuals are regarded as being more appealing when they wear red. Red will be the color of love, but does t really make the heart beat faster? Analysis additionally points to sporting teams that wear red outperforming groups that wear blue. But how come this?

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